"Students Working For A Future, Not A Living."


Professional Contractors John 3:16🙏

Professional Contractors John 3:16🙏

Professional Contractors John 3:16🙏Professional Contractors John 3:16🙏Professional Contractors John 3:16🙏

Why s4s?

S4S empowers college students by enabling them to manage and operate their own business during and after college. We do this by giving ambitious and driven college students access to guidance from industry professionals, financial support, networking opportunities, and the legal backing necessary to start and operate a business. This teaches students critical skills such as: leadership, teamwork, organization and the understanding of business management. Specifically, this process has been proven to aid college students in both overcoming the student loan crisis and providing employment opportunities. Currently, S4S is focusing its efforts on providing handyman services to property management companies.  Students4Service is operated by college students alongside mentors to ensure quality of service.


College is Expensive:

  • One year of tuition at The University of Oklahoma is $22,000
  • Average Undergraduate Student Debt: $37,172
  • Average Time to get a job after graduation: 6-9 months



Debt hinders not only the pursuit of, but the ability to capture opportunity. Lack of financial freedom is extremely prominent within the lives of college students in and out of school.



Many students dream of owning a business but can't. Despite possessing the drive and work ethic, many students have no way of coming in contact with proper business strategies, networking, and the legal knowledge needed for success in entrepreneurship.